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Our Story

Crafting Architectural Brilliance with a Community-Centric Approach


In 2019, Ju Kim embarked on a journey to redefine architectural excellence, laying the foundation for what would soon become HYPER Building Workshop. With an industry-rich background, including New York-based roles as Associate Principal at Kohn Pederson Fox Associates (KPF) and Project Architect at Ismael Leyva Architects, Ju brings a wealth of valuable experience and cutting-edge ideas to the table.


Notably, she has also played a pivotal role in construction documentation of the 70-story luxury residential gem gracing the skyline of Hudson Yards. Beyond the busy streets of New York, Ju served as a team leader for a groundbreaking project at the 2023 Asian Games Official’s Village in Hangzhou, China, leaving an unforgettable mark on the global architectural landscape. From New York and New Jersey to China, Ju has consistently demonstrated ongoing devotion to pushing the boundaries of architectural innovation and creating spaces that resonate with people on a global scale.


Backed by Ju’s extensive expertise, HYPER Building Workshop stands at the intersection of architecture, interior design, and construction administration. Our guiding philosophy is to be a bridge connecting architecture and the community through exquisite designs and buildings. In addition to being architects and designers, we take pride in also being storytellers shaping spaces that strike a chord with people from diverse backgrounds, empowering them to share their special experiences and foster an environment of harmony and collaboration.


Dedicated to serving the communities of New York and New Jersey, HYPER Building Workshop executes projects with unparalleled creativity. Each of our endeavors begins with a thorough grasp of the preferences of the individuals who will utilize the space, visualizing their interactions within it and anticipating the atmosphere they will experience while present. Our team passionately dedicates itself to transforming ideas into vibrant, functional realities. HYPER Building Workshop is more than a design build firm; it is a space creator, infusing architectural marvels with distinctive designs that go beyond functionality and tell stories that captivate the imagination and stand as timeless expressions of ingenuity and purpose.


In the dynamic sector of architectural services and interior design, HYPER Building Workshop proudly stands out as we conveniently offer both architectural and interior design build services. Certified as a Minority and Women Business Enterprise (MWBE), we embody values of fast growth, high-quality design and build services, unwavering professionalism, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. HYPER Building Workshop is not just a brand name; it's a promise to craft spaces that transcend expectations, making each build and design a testament to our passion for exceptional outcomes and unparalleled service.


Our Mission : Driven by Purposeful Design


Thinking Beyond Blueprints


In the complex realm of architectural design and construction, our driving mission is to make a positive impact on both people and the environment. Rooted in a commitment to both safety and convenience, we strive to create environments where individuals flourish within thoughtfully designed spaces.


People-Centric Approach


We place the needs and experiences of individuals at the forefront of our design philosophy, ensuring that every space we create seamlessly serves its occupants. Our services extend past functionality as we aim to foster a sense of well-being and peace in the spaces we design.


Aesthetic Awareness & Quality Craftsmanship


At the heart of our design philosophy lies a deep appreciation for aesthetics and unshakable dedication to quality craftsmanship. We believe in developing spaces that not only fulfill functional requirements but also captivate with their magnificence.


Contributing to a Harmonious Environment


Through the fusion of safety and aesthetics, we aspire to contribute to a built environment that enhances the well-being of its occupants and perfectly harmonizes with the surrounding landscape.


We believe that each project becomes an opportunity to manifest our mission, shaping spaces that not only reflect our commitment to excellence but also stand as an industry example of purposeful design.


Interior design & Build

Residential and Commercial

Single Homes, Duplex Homes

Condos, Co-ops, Apartments

Restaurants, Cafes, Retail Shops

Medical and General Offices

Interior design

Residential and Commercial

Single Homes, Duplex Homes

Condos, Co-ops, Apartments

Restaurants, Cafes, Retail Shops

Medical and General Offices

Kitchen and Bathroom Design 

Lighting & Furniture, Colors, 

Material Selections

Construction Management

Residential and Commercial Buildings

New Constructions, Building Renovations Building Extensions and Additions

Construction Management 

Architectural Design

New Construction Proposal

Architectural Planning

Building Renovation Plans

Building Extension and Addition Plans

Building Exterior Design

Project Management

Construction Administration

Project Quality Assurance 

Construction Scheduling

Site Visits

Purchase Orders & Follow-ups


Design & Build Consultation

Architectural Design Consultation

Interior Design Consultation

Budget Consultation

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